Who Is... BILLY?

Billy: Demon Slayer




"Billy Damon is not your average teenager,
He's the son of the Devil.


When demonic plans for Armageddon

Are kick-started by his father,

Billy becomes a “Handy-saw” toting,

One-boy army against The legions of Hell"



“A well realised character, with plenty of black humour.”
– Shane Chesby, The Small Zone Shop UK

“Not just a compelling comic series but a very unique one”
- Paul Campese, Entropy Magazine


“Billy’s ability to make readers smile has gathered him a cult following along the way. “
- Ian C Thomas, from the Series One TPB introduction


“The series has been an enjoyable read from the very start, and it continues to be so..”
 - Moya Dawson, Paperbackreader.com


“I feel that this title has the potential to be something of a cult favourite in Australia”
- Steve Saville, Comics Bulletin.com


“A sort of cheerful Chaos that is worth a look”
- David Carroll, BLACK Magazine


“This is quite a successful comic”
- Darren Schroeder, Silver Bullet Comicbooks.com


Series One ...



William Damon is the son of the Devil. Born identical to his twin brother Jefferson and coupled with a heritage that will lead directly to a biblical Armageddon; he becomes an unlikely hero after his mother's life is threatened by his father's evil henchmen.

Alone and scared, Billy defends himself against both a burning teenage angst and the always prevalent supernatural world through solace in a pair of “Handy-Saws”, supermarket issued electric hand-held chainsaws and a vendetta against his Fathers demonic forces.

Series Two ...


Having settled back into a normal life in the Australian town of Walksville with his mother and best friends Loren & Blake, Billy is once again drawn back to the demonic world of the supernatural.

As Billy’s home becomes entangled in a demonic plot involving the takeover of the Underworld, each of his closest friends and family are in danger of becoming enthralled by the Deep, the essence of the ancient god; Mummu.

Breaking from the darkest depths of the Deep to come back to life and declare war, Billy moves towards a final confrontation with the ancient god and each of his demonic acolytes.

With much more hatred and intensity fuelling him; our Hero will bring his “Handy-Saw” style of vengeance towards what is right and wrong.


Be glad he's on our side.

... The tale of One Boy and his "Handy-Saws", against the Legions of Hell!

Billy: Demon Slayer