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Billy: Demon Slayer "Free Reign"



Since its first appearance in 2002, the comic series has transcended local industry and societal stereotypes to become an internationally recognised title in the dwindling Australian Comics scene.

With its bold use of shadow, colourful dialogue and interesting characters, Billy exists where few other Australian publications have in recent times; as an icon. And where many locally published comics and graphic novels fall and fade by the wayside, destined to simply to glimmer on the shelves of collectors. Billy stands as a success story; not only at home in Australia, but internationally through the United States and United Kingdom; where it is also widely recognised.

In capturing the unpinned spirit embodied by our Australian culture; the series has gained surprising support from not only our local Comics community (through pin-ups and comics), but from the local actors and musicians that have lent their services in bringing this unique tale to life through the attached animated comic trailer.

A creative series that stands against the trials and tribulations of a struggling arts culture may in doing so, yet become what few other Australian comic series have yet achieved - crossing the printed media boundary into the new age of multi-media mainstream popular culture through films and animations.



Hayden Fryer is the Blue Mountains (Sydney, Australia) based comic creator of the underground Australian comic series BILLY: DEMON SLAYER”, and founder of the publishing & new media initiative; Siberian Productions.

Having been active in the Australian comic community for over 7 years, Hayden’s stylised pin-up’s and sequential works have seen print in dozens of Small Press and Independent publications both here in Australia and abroad.

With an artistic style and creative flair that sits in the grey area between commercial and small press, Hayden’s artistic style and character captures the Australian spirit of unhinged creative control and carves its own niche in an arena of rich artistic diversity.

Hayden’s most recognised work; “BILLY: DEMON SLAYER” is an ongoing legacy in the Australian comic scene. Now into it’s 7th year of publication, the series has grown to push through the typical boundaries of the local comic publishing scene to become an icon of its own with action figures, multi-media development, print & digital distribution and recognition in international and local small press scenes.

Having helped to instigate and support the Australian creative collective; Ghoti Inc through the inclusion and development of Australia’s first ever comic cross-over series; “OzSlaught”. The collective (now into it’s 3rd year) have helped to bring together a traditionally nomadic community and inspire further creative collaborative efforts of it’s members both new and old.

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